Weight Training Workout Log for Monday July 9 2007 , didn't do saturday due to A got medicine and seem better though

Dumbell row 94 goal 13 and 10 really just want the 10 left so doing left first even if have to set down and regri. Did 10 left no regrip maybe slight low back movement not much if any though. Right 9 and regrip did rep 10 strange, didn't seem heavy though. Maybe I cheat a bit more left side. No matter increasing with 7.5 pound plates to 99 or 95 plus dumbell bar next time. Maybe arm I do first really makes it easier not sure. Back fairly stationary also. More just focusing left side this time anyhow, next time do right first.

Narrow grip military press 103.5 plus 1/2 pound goal 10 reps focus on doing them faster this time, lock out and thats it then lower fast. faster lower focus on that. did 9 with like partial on 10. push pressed rep 10. I think new routine is narrow grip, wide grip::::: narrow grip push press, wide grip push press. Each push press workout aim to do one more strict press and same total reps. Or could do narrow push press do it this way, and wide do with extremely slow lower. Or do both extremely slow lower. Might try both with extremely slow lower at first with 115. or could just alternate push press extremely slow lower with regular and every 4 weeks or 8 or so do max reps I can with strict press. On push presses ten push presses than substitute a strict press for a push press until its at 10 again. Might just do that.

Overhead Squat 70 plus 2 pounds just do what I can do did 7 with a slight stumble nearly lost weight on rep 3 but ok, felt a slight tipping forward or back at top of lift not so bad though. Rep 8 a slam down near bottom would not go up. Just 1 pound a week from now on, will have to go to 1/2 in a bit. See if 1 pound allows that rep 8 to return, will see. Did go up 3 percent this time so rep drop expected.

Door chin might try goal 6 reps or 5 really good ones, see what I can do. haven't done in a while. did like 5 and 3 /4 all reps head touched ceiling rep 5 a slight leg move around to help I think it was just struggle, rep 6 not quite enough strength to get all the way up. Did go all the way down though all reps. On june 20th I did 5 reps only with rep 5 90 percent of way up so this is 1 more rep, not a perfect rep but good to me. Doing it second not even in a while also. Goal on door chins is 10 reps. did with shoes off I doubt its a factor though, always do with shoes off. When get to 10 reps may begin wearing shoes then adding weight. Last time I think I did with shoes on no biggie though. Do with shoes on next time perhaps or always without. Next time since I am increasing weight on dumbell rows will do door chins first in workout on dumbell row day.

Old School Bench 141.5 goal 9 reps did 9 with rep 8 and 9 with butt off bench.

Straightleg Deadlift 180 slow lower, doing fast lower next workout. Goal 15 reps just do what I can do though grip may be a factor. Will see. Did 12 straight then set down rest 10 or 20 seconds or so and did 3 more reps for 15 total. Did reps very slow.

Upright Row 97.5 goal 8 reps or ever how many I can do in a row, aim to do as many in a row without any pause as possible. did 6 slight pause and rep 7 and 8 with rep 7 and 8 not all the way to chin but close. no lean in on these either it seems so good form.

Dumbell curl with 45 goal 7 and 5 doing left arm first. Left 5 Right 7. Good form slow lower no cheats both arms, very good I am pleased. Checked its actually 45 plus bar could be 49 possibly I am using. Just focus on getting it to 50 plus bar then we try the hex 50 see if I can get 10 reps.

Triceps extension with 85 goal 4 reps did 4 very good, not holding as super way far back with stretch though I think. Next time aim for 4 with super way far back stretch perhaps. Still really feel in triceps.