Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday July 14 2007

Military press new exeperimental way, Wide grip strict press 120 then push press for reps. Did 1 strict then 5 push presses for 6 reps. strict press was very tough also barely did it went up real slow. Might do as many push presses as possible after strict presses also, consider, might affect bench though. For the hell of it trying 120 narrow grip strict then push press this workout also did 1 strict easy and 8 other for 9 total. Much stronger with narrow grip, rep 9 lot of leg drive surprised it went up. Wonder what I can do fresh strict and push press next time, will see. So might do push press, push press, strict strict, or could do push press strict, push press strict. Think on it.

Barbell Row 163 goal 10 reps good form all to abs and low back did not move. Good form.

Dumbell flies with 15's goal 10 plus reps. did 12 reps with super stretch, didnt try for 13 really felt in pecs.

Deadlift 237 goal 7 reps in a row then regrip and take as long as necessary to get to 10 reps. did 7 straight regrip rest and did 8 9 and 10 regrip for each rep.

Front Squat 135 goal 6 reps or whatever I can do. did 4 only same as last week. I think deadlift is affecting this. Try real hard for 5 reps next time.

Upright Row narrow 104 goal 7 reps did 4 straight then 5 and 6 leaned in a bit more for 7 and more momentum but not too bad.

Hang Clean trying with 115 goal 20 might do less because this is 2 pound increase so just do what I can do. did 16 felt a lot in traps. Keep this weight till get 20 again might take a while.

Triceps extension with 85 goal 5 reps might be less because of push presses, Did 5 I noticed I do change angle a bit to kind of involve delts a slight bit in it but ok.

Barbell curl strict 106.5 goal 5 reps did 5 seemed real heavy.