Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday July 18 2007

Door chins with shoes goal 6 reps did 6 got all reps head to ceiling did use legs a bit more on last rep to get up, got near top and struggled to get to very top but up it went. Done with shoes instead of without. Want to get to 7 reps might take a while. (before work)

Narrow grip military press 104 goal 9 or 10 reps did 9 reps with rep 9 very very tough it liked stopped half way but it went up slow. How do I get back to 103 by 10 will just micrload like this for a bit alternating with push press narrow and wide grip military press I think. (before work)

Overhead Squat 70 same weight as last time goal 8 repsdid 7 only lowered for rep 8 but could not come up. Rep 2 I got it up then walked forward a bit for balance strange. Seemed tough this time. Could try for 8 reps again or micrload 1/2 pound. I think I will microload. (before work) at work right shoulder trap area felt odd, and abs felt sore when I sneezed just noting

Dumbell row trading 5 pound plates for 7 and 1/2 for 95 plus bar or 99 or so just do what i can do. Right left did first did 5 reps, rep 5 barely all the way up maybe missed abs a bit. Right 7 doesen't seem shoulder thing affected much. right arm weight seemed lighter easier to control a bit.

Bench Old school testing with bar first to see if shoulder thing an issue then 142 goal 9 reps tested with 70 clean and bench seemed ok, felt in abs getting into position and a bit in right shoulder are repping. So trynig with 142 if can't do many reps this time no biggie but will try. did 6 only game up on rep 7 is ok shoulder an issue abs slight sensation. Basically did with butt on bench only like last rep coming up a bit. Next time will get 8 or 9 for sure keep at same weight.

Straightleg deadlift fast lower 185 goal 18 reps do what I can do. did 18 very good skipped slow lower one week so haven't done since june 23 so very good, fingers giving on rep 17 thumb no longer mashed in left but held and then lower and held to top for 18 then like a bent leg lower not under much control and barely at top but good.

Upright row wide 98 goal 8 reps try to do as many as I can without pausing did 8 reps all done without pause except slight pause before rep 8 3 seconds or so. Good

Triceps overhead barbell extension 85 goal 6 reps might only do 5 though did 6 very good felt in left arm a bit. after and during.

Dumbell curl heavy 45 plus bar goal 8 and 6 might only do 7 and 5 but doing my best. did 7 left first and 10 right. Very good seemed real light.