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Exercize info Sites good site with video clips and info about many exercizes including muscles worked online magazine updated every Friday at night with articles about weightlifting and testosterone themed topics.

Strengh Level Comparison Sites the exercise directory's strength standards for the Bench press, military press, power clean, deadlift and squat. a summary of poundage goals from Stuart McRobert's book "Beyond Brawn" which entails weights lifted in his opinion to get 16 inch arms. has overview of one persons routine and strength level and a chart of how you stack up to others under the "How Good are You" Section an interesting site with records for a variety of odd weightlifting movements

Bodyweight Exercize Sites bodyweight message board pushup message board another message board

Grip Strength Sites message board for grip strength enthusiasts, one has to register to be able to view posts or post. a grip enthusiast's site with pictures and information about feats such as phone book tearing, bar bending, heavy object juggling, and wrench bending. a collection of grip tips from the Ironmind company famous for specializing in grip training related equipment, books, and videos.

Equipment Sites sells a line of elite hand grippers called the captains of crush, along with other specialized gripping equipment. sells specialized grip equipment, thick bars, custom bars, and microloads for Olympic bars. sells specialized equipment for strongman work such as harnesses and atlas stones.

FatBastard Barbell Company manufactures and sells thick dumbells, thick barbells, and other specialized weight lifting equipment.

West Side Barbell - Fitness Strength Training Provides professional powerlifting equipment and strength training certificates by the legendary powerlifter Louie Simmons. Also sells Westside Barbell t-shirts, DVDs, reverse hypers, and other powerlifting equipment.

Efficent Fitness ebay seller that sells 28 inch long spinlock dumbell handles, and other dumbell handles and lifting equipment at very good prices. sells products designed for track and field and pole vaulting such as poles, javelins, discuses, and other related speciality equipment. sells mats for Karate, and rubber flooring products for weightlifting. dealer of used and refurbished fitness equipment such as treadmills, weight machines and other equipment. Encourages interested parties to make offers on things.

Strongman Sites features some good links to strong man related sites. features pictures of strong man events and sells harnesses, atlas stones, and other products for strongman training.

Powerlifting Sites news and info site about the sport of powerlifting

West Side Barbell - Fitness Strength Training Louie Simmons legendary company featuring articles, videos, links, and equipment for sale relating to powerlifting USA Power lifting, a drug tested power lifting organization Internationl Power Lifting Association

Directories and Link Sites a directory of weightlifting, boybuilding, and other fitness oriented sites. a directory of bodybuilding, fitness, nutritition, and related links grouped by category. features a directory of bodybuilding, supplement, training, and nutrition sites. a directory of alphabetically arranged weightlifting and bodybuilding sites. contains links to a few bodybuilding and weightlifting resources.

Female Muscle and Gallery Sites

Her Biceps - features many galleries of female muscle photographs viewable for free. Also has even more content available for a fee. site of female bodybuilder Nicole Bass featuring pictures of her flexing her biceps, message board, contact info, and additional videos and photos available to view for a fee. contains free female muscle fantasy stories to read online as well as links. Also offers pictures, videos, and sound files relating to female muscle that can be viewed for a fee.

Nutrition and Transformation Sites site featuring information for Vegetarian bodybuilders also known as Vegans. unique site featuring pictures of the SkinnyGuy who transformed himself via a specific weight training program and nutritional plans. Offers some free tips and offers his full plan for a fee.

Olympic Lifting contains a directory of links to Olympic Weightlifting sites.

Software producer of a software program entitled Protrack that is used to track weightlifting progress and fat loss progress.

Weight Lifting Terminology Links

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Truly Huge - features bodybuilding, health and fitness info and tips. features training routines, techniques and general weightlifting information. features information and links about strength training programs in prison facilities. contains information about exercises, workout routines, and diet and nutrition. site of a female powerlifter with photos, motivational essays, quotes, and merchandise related to this female powerlifter for sale.