Planet Fitness, Curves, and the Death of Real Gyms

It seems real gyms are dying. People go to pretend gyms where they can chitchat and do the same thing over and over again like Curves. Or they go to gyms with actual free weights and the weights are too light for anyone serious, and lunk alarms sound if anyone is about to really struggle to improve themselves like at Planet Fitness. The latest billboards and commercials for these chains really nail home the message. Curves has billboards up saying "Curves ahead" and the girl on the billboard is as flat as a board. Planet Fitness has their juice head " I put things up and put them down" commercials, along with their spot telling people that go to the "gun show" for big arms are not welcome. That latest commercial confused a few people on various firearms forums that did not know guns mean arms.

But these chains are just a symptom of things in the United States. Where once free weights and hardwork were the norm. Now its replaced with fancy gadgets, machines, shiny chrome dumbells, and gyms that are "judgement free" and just make you feel good no matter how little you accomplish. Its like the top gyms cater to the lowest common demoniator. Its like everywhere is a special olympics gym but everyone gets the gold ribbon. Even the Special Olympics foster competive spirits and aims to help people be the best champion they can be. But America wants it easy. And a new pill or fancy machine like the shakewake is invented almost every day to help foster American's sense of being happy with themselves for just trying.

In a way its a good thing most people at gyms are not serious and show up only a time or two even though they pay for 6 months at a time. They help finance the gyms for the rest of the people that actually want to work out. Gyms used to understand this; while still providing adequate equipment and environment for serious lifters to get the job done. But now heavy dumbelks are being removed, and another row of cardio equipment is being put in. This is true in gyms throughout the nation. I guess its the nature of the beast; as gyms become more a commodity chain like Mcdonalds thoroughout the country rather than a collection of small gyms in cities and towns. There used to only be one Golds Gym now there are 650 plus locations.

Its not just the lack of equipment its the limitation on what you can do in the gyms that have proper equipment. No deadlift signs are found in gyms everywhere. And an army of personal trainers of questionable ability exist at every major commercial gym eager to sign up clients to lift weights balancing on balls to develop their core. This army of personal trainers also exists to correct anyone attempting to even remotely struggle and complain about how their form is bad and that they should stick to machines.

But hard core gyms do exist for the minority as all gyms used to exist just to serve the interest of the few that were hardcore. Metroflex the famous gym Ronnie Coleman trained at actually has franchise locations, so perhaps there is hope and more people may cancel their Planet Fitness mamberships. Also there always exists hardcore gyms in garages and dungeons throughout the nation for those that lift at home.

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