What is a Hardcore Lifter

A "hardcore lifter" is not someone that lifts for reasons of health or vitality. A hardcore lifter lifts because it can be done. Its about competition and improvement. Its a narcissism that makes one focus on weights more than some focus on relationships. To the hardcore lifter his relationship with weights is a love/hate one. The pursuit of strength or muscles are minor things in life but to excel at any minor things in life requires focus and will. Those of a hardcore dedication to lifting focus much of their attention on the finer points of this lift or that or this muscle or that. As some people have to wake up early and read a newspaper as part of their daily routine the hardcore lifters will awake to thoughts of iron and muscle and of new achievements. Rather one is doing well on a given day or not the hardcore will stay focused to their lifting routine as its a part of who they are. For those who lift hardcore weights are a path to excellence.

You Might be Hardcore if:

You have rusty bars that cut your hands each time you use them and you consider this a good thing.

You have ever lifted without power or light at 1 am or later during the middle of a snow storm aided by lantern or candle light alone.

You keep a scale near your workout area to weigh in before and after your workout.

You carry a scientifically accurate weight scale to the gym or to a fitness store to make sure that 45 pound plates there are actually 45 pounds and not 45.5 pounds or 44.5 pounds.

You have more than 400 pounds of weight plates scattered on the floor not in use at any moment.

You have ever duct taped litttle weights to a barbell, used washers as small weight plates, used small magnets to increase the weight, or hung bags of nickels off of the bar to allow for smaller weight increases.

You have tried to carry a 7 feet long olympic weight bar and plates in the front seat of a small car so you can workout while you go on vacation for 2 days.

You have succesfully knocked the glass out of a car window or windshield while trying to get said Olympic bar into the car and don't think anything is wrong with that.

You have actually tried or contemplated any of the following lifts; one arm one leg deadlift, one arm barbell curl, or one leg squat.

You have socks tied in a knot that baffle the person doing your laundry. Such socks are used to tie your ankles together for one arm pushups, or some specialized squat variant.

You have outgrown the capacity limit of your adjustable dumbells.

You place so many weight plates on a set of dumbell bars that the collars hang off the side half way and the chance of plates landing on your foot is a real possibility.

You have used sawhorses to bench or squat from.

You make your own barbell bars by shopping at home depot and industrial supply companies.

You consider protein the most essential nutrient.

You eat when not hungry as if you can stockpile food like a builder stockpiles shingles or wood.

You say phrases like "Aint nothing but a peanut" and "Light Weight Baby" when attempting deadlifts in honor of Ronnie Coleman.

You actually believe Arnold's saying that "the pump is better than cuming" and pump your biceps up more than you pump yourself.