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Not Recommended Barbells and Dumbells

Standard Weight Set
On the surface the standard weight set appears the better buy in comparison to an Olympic Weight set. But the set has less weight, supports less weight, and has a barbell that is not as durable. Also with 25 pound standard plates being about the biggest one can usually find the bar has to rest lower on the ground for deadlifts. For some this is a factor as one can't start the deadlift from the standard height which is set by using 45 pound Olypmic sets.

You will be using standard plates for adjustable dumbells though unless you opt to buy/order the more expensive Olympic dumbell bars which few do. Buynig both a standard and Oly weight set is acceptable if youplan to use the standard bar for curls or something. But if you must buy one or the other

Buy an Olympic Weight barbell Set Instead of a Standard Weight barbell Set

Wussy Dumbells Chrome

This things just look stupid. They are not adjustable, don't usually come in large enough weight sizes in comparison to Hex dumbells and look dumb. They are chromed, they are beautiful, and they showcase how little their owners really care about lifting. Better to use a rusty pipe with weights tied on or a bag of dogfood than this ugly thing.

Wussy Plastic, Vinyl or Cushioned Dumbells

They are lightweight, they are cushy, they don't make any noise when you lift them. They do nothing for your body also. If you are running low on light weight dumbells to use for some movement its better to grab a plate or two and grip them together and us that than use these silly things.

Adjustable Dumbells with Clip Collars or Metal Screw Collars

The dumbells are the same as the ones with spin lock collars except they don't have spinlock collars. They have spring clips. A collar rotated into position has to spin several times before it comes loose, a spring just comes loose like that if it ever does.

*I suggest spinlock collars and not the spring clip type or slide in with metal screws holding it in place.. With a barbell you can get away with a clip as you are not going to be holding the bar upside down on one end. But with dumbells you might hold them in such a way or at an angle, and if the clip gets loose the weight plates will land on your foot. With a spinlock collar the collar has to rotate around many times before it comes off completely. This provides safety.