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Microloads, Plate mates, Duct tape, Earth magnets

Microloads exacting weight from PDA
This are small weight plates that can be fit on Olympic bars. They are made by Piedmont Design Associates. They make them in very small sizes including 1/16 of a pound. If you can't progress with such small microweights then you are probably losing strength week to week. They are costly but a precisely calibrated small weigth for those who can't progress 1 pound a week or so on a given lift.


Platemates are magnetic weights that can be fixed to the side of hex dumbells or Olympic plates to allow microloading. They can be used at gyms and come in increments as small as 1 1/2 pounds. They are expensive but a possible solution in areas where you can't just hang a bag of washers or something from a bar to increase the weight incrementally.