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Specialized Transportable Strength Training Equipment

Neck Harness
This is a neck harness which is used to work the neck via suspending a weight from a chain and lifting it up down or to the side. Few individuals work their neck muscles and they are seldom used much in day to day life so they tend to get strong very quickly in the beginning.

Hand Grippers

Gripping strength is a thing few people focus on beyond being able to hold onto a barbell for deadlifts. Crushing grip strength is developed by using hand grippers such as the Captains of Crush line which goes up in difficulty far beyond what mere store bought grippers can offer. Grippers range from 100 pounds of pressure to close on up to 365 pounds of pressure to close.

Read More about the Captains of Crush Grippers from the Manufacturer's Site

Gripping Machines

This is an example of a highly specialized piece of adjustable grip training equiment. It is like a gripper but is adjustable via weight plates. It is helpful in providing a means of slow progression that is not possible from regular grippers that jump in difficulty by large percentage points of magnitude.

Titans Telegraph

This piece of equipment is meant to develop pinch gripping abilities. Pinch gripping is a way of gripping something that is best demonstrated in how one holds a box like shape such as a 12 pack of sodas. If you don't use the handle but just grasp your hand around it from the top and carry it that is a pinch grip. This piece of equipment is plate loaded and allows for progressive weight resistance.

Gorilla Grip

This piece of gripping equipment is used to develop supporting grip strength which is utilized when you hold onto something such as a heavy barbell. The appartus works by having two bars that you mash together as hard as you can which then moves weight upward.

Wrist Roller

A wrist roller is basically a piece of wood or steel that has a rope attached to it. A weight is suspended from the rope and it is rolled upward with one's wrists. This works the forearms.

Leverage Hammer

A leverage hammer is basically a long rod/stick with a weight attached to the end. One holds it or lifts it with weight held far away from the body giving poor leverage. This sort of equipment helps strengthen one's forearms for being able to hold objects away from the body such as sledge hammers.