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A list of Biceps exercise variations including one arm barbell curls, cheat curls, and Texas Power curls.

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Important Weight Lifting Equipment

Microloads, plate mates, duct tape, earth magnets

Contains information about microloads that can be attached to dumbells or added to the bar to allow small weight progressions on lifts.

Power racks, saw horses, Benches, and squat racks

Features information about power racks for home lifters, Benches, and the poor mans power rack; a pair of saw horses.

Bars and Weights - Hex dumbells, Olympic weight sets, adjustable dumbells, Thick Bars

Read about Barbells and Dumbell types with pictures. Includes information about hex dumbells, Olympic weight sets, Standard barbell weight sets, adjustable dumbells, Trap Bars, Thick Bars, Ez Curl bars, and Triceps bars. Features a discussion on different types of adjustable dumbells.

Specialized transportable Equipment; Neck Harness, Hand Grippers, Gripping Machines

Contains information about specialized lifting equipment such as neck harnesses, hand grippers, gripping machines, wrist rollers, and leverage hammers.

Sample Progression Charts and Workouts
My Progression on various exercize movements from the beginning

Contains my workout routine, current maxes, and a log of a sampling of my workouts organized by date.

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Features sample full body routines and body part split routines as well as ideas about how those new to lifting should start out.

Dictionary of Weight Lifting Terms


Features a dictionary of official and slang weight lifting, power lifting, and body building terms. Find the meaning of terms like V Taper, muscle memory, along with acronynms such as ATG, PR, and others.

Articles and Essays

Why do People Really Start Lifting Weights?

People begin lifting weight for many reasons. Some begin lifting in an attempt to "get fit" or lose weight, others begin lifting to enhance sports performance, or just to be stronger. Many begin lifting weight in an attempt to gain sex appeal or self confidence. But the biggest reasons that someone begins lifting weights seriously are... *Read More

What is a Hardcore Lifter Really?

A "hardcore lifter" is not someone that lifts for reasons of health or vitality. A hardcore lifter lifts because it can be done. Its about competition and improvement. Its a narcissism that makes one focus on weights more than some focus on relationships. To the hardcore lifter his relationship with weights... *Read More

One Set or Multiple Sets

One set versus multiple sets for weightlifting is a question few people ask. The dogma of multiple sets; 5 sets of 5 or what not seems to be how most people start out because someone suggested it. The real reason why two, three, four or 45 sets would be better than one is seldom explored. Its just taken at face value because....*Read More

Full Body workouts Vs Body Part Split Routines

To some this argument of full body routines vs a bodybuilder style split routine is one of compound movements vs isolation movements. But it need not be just that. Even a full body routine done two or three times a week can include isolation work. *Read More

Planet Fitness and the Death of Real Gyms

It seems real gyms are dying. People go to pretend gyms where they can chitchat and do the same thing over and over again like Curves. Or they go to gyms with actual free weights and the weights are too light for anyone serious, and lunk alarms sound...*Read More

Arnold and How He Made Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Mainstream

When people think of bodybuilding one name nearly instantly comes to mind; thats Arnold Schwarzenegger. In many ways he nearly single handedly built the entire fitness industry juggernaut that exists today. His personality and charisma took bodybuilding and even weightlifting and all other fitness pursuits out of the shadows and into the mainstream. If there was no Arnold, *Read More

Lifting at Home vs the Gym

A lot of people believe you have to go to "the gym" in order to do any serious strength or fitness improving workout. This is true if you consider your home can be a gym. The phrase home gym has the stimga of late infomericial elastic band machines or weight machines with limited weight. A home gym need not be like that. To lift weights all you really need is a dumbell and perhaps a barbell. You can have more than that or even less if you are willing to do unusual exercises and make do with what you find around you. The advantages of a gym you pay a membership fee to is fancy machines and equipment, potentially people to inspire you, spotters, and atmosphere. The main advantage of a home gym is convenience, usually no monthly expense, you can workout any way you wish to, *Read More

Links and Media

Links Contains links to forums, equipment sites, strength level comparison sites, grip training sites, bodyweight training sites, female muscle sites, strongman sites, and more.

Media Contains coverage of Bodyshaping, Flex Magazine Workout, Kiana Toms Flex Appeal, Ninja Warrior, Worlds Strongest Man, and Pumping Iron among other productions. Features pictures/reviews of Weightlifting Movies, Fitness TV shows, Weightlifting Shows, and Yearly Strength Event Shows.


Mr Olympia Winners

Features background information and pictures of Mr Olympia Winners including Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Cutler, and others.

Miss Olympia Winners

Contains background information and pictures of Ms Olympia Winners including Carla Dunlap, Lenda Murray, Iris Kyle and Others.

Internet Phenoms and Gurus

Contains background information and pictures of Diesel Weasel, Scooby Werkstatt, Lui Marco and More.